Tuesday , June 15 2021

ADU 01178: What is the Best Software for Mapping the Interiors of a Building?

Today’s show is about using software for mapping the interiors of a building.

Our caller for today, Gary is a long-time ADU listener. He just happened to tune in to one of our older shows where we talked about using the Insta 360 for mapping the interiors of a building. So, Gary went ahead and purchased the Insta 360 for his next drone job where he is doing construction progress monitoring for an interior buildout.

However, recent updates to a mapping software makes it far easier to use your drone to capture this interior data. Tune in to receive some of the latest and most exciting updates! Enjoy!

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  • [01:30] Today’s show is brought to you by our 3D modeling class
  • [02:00] Today’s show is about interior 3D modeling
  • [05:28] Now, we have a drone mapping software that allows us to map building interiors
  • [06:34] Why do we at Drone U use Matterport for mapping interiors of a building?
  • [08:00] Taking 360-degree images of a construction site using DroneDeploy

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