Tuesday , June 15 2021

ADU 01180: Powerful Branding Strategies for Your Drone Business

Today’s show is about business strategy and branding.

Our caller for today, Bob is building out a website for his drone business. And while he primarily focuses on the construction industry, Bob is wondering if he should target other verticals as well.

Is it better to go broad? Or is it better to niche down and focus just on your core skill? On today’s show, we discuss the pros (and cons) of going broad and offering a range of services.

Paul and Rob draw from their extensive experience and share some excellent branding tips to help Bob out. This is a show you do not want to miss. Enjoy!

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  • [01:30]Our sponsor for today is our upcoming 3D interactive modeling class
  • [02:13]Today’s question is about business strategy and branding
  • [03:46]Is there any risk to being a jack of all trades?
  • [07:06]Branding strategies and building a conversion-focused website
  • [09:35]Figuring out your niche and building your core expertise
  • [12:34]Your unique selling proposition and why you should never compete on the basis of price
  • [13:05]Don’t forget to check out our upcoming sales class

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