Tuesday , June 15 2021


FAADroneZone – How to Apply for a Part 107 Waiver

In this blog post, we give you detailed, step-by-step instructions for APPLYING for a Part 107 waiver through the FAADroneZone. What Are Your Chances of Part 107 Waiver Approval? To fly outside the limitations of regulation, a drone pilot needs to file a Part 107 waiver application. Unfortunately, the chances …

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Flying Drones in NYC – Drone Laws Explained

In this blog post, we reveal the different drone laws in NYC. Whether you are a Part 107 or hobby pilot, going through this post will help you determine all you need to know for flying drones in NYC. Can you Legally Fly a Drone in New York City?? Three …

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How Can I Make My Drone “Remote ID Compatible”?

Today’s question is about drone remote-id. How can you make your drone “remote-id compatible”? Is this something that you should be even worrying about right now? Our caller for today, Jack has a question about drone remote-id. Back in December 2020, drone remote-id rules were finalized by the FAA. Once …

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How to Use Drones for Power-line Inspections

Drones have the potential to revolutionize the way we inspect our power-lines and transmission towers. According to Navigant Research, using a drone can slash costs from $5,000 to $200 for a single transmission tower inspection. And we get far more accurate data too. Consider this. According to 2017 estimates, losses …

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Upgrade – Drone U™

Not a member? Join now for just $47! Join the best drone training platform & community on earth right now for just $47! You’ll have unlimited, unaltered, and unadulterated access to EVERYTHING on the Drone U site. Simply click the big orange button below to quickly set up your account …

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