Tuesday , June 15 2021


ADU 01157: Is the DJI Crystalsky Still a Viable Option?

Today’s show is about the DJI Crystalsky. Experienced pilot and Drone U’s newest instructor, Tom has called in with a great question today. Considering the US’s toughening stance towards Chinese companies, is it still safe for you to buy DJI equipment? Specifically, the DJI Crystalsky. Is it true that DJI …

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ADU 01156: Sony Airpeak Drone Unveiled at CES 2021

Today’s show is about the all-new Sony Airpeak Drone. Recently, Sony unveiled a new prosumer grade drone at CES 2021. This new drone, The Sony Airpeak comes with an FPV camera, obstacle avoidance, and an impressive payload. Mounting troubles for DJI have thrown up some interesting possibilities for other drone …

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