Sunday , September 26 2021


Learning how to fly a drone

Do you want to learn about drones or are you new to the drone world, have a new drone and want to build confidence learning and flying with an expert?   The Atlanta Hobby, UAV Experts one and two-day beginner flight training programs feature small classes of no more than …

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DHL Partners With Dronamics For Middle-Mile Drone Service

Thousands of drone cargo aircraft could soon provide rapid deliveries across Europe, but maybe not in the way you expect. DHL has signed a deal with European drone company Dronamics to develop middle-mile transport by uncrewed aircraft. Read more: The FPV drone pilots taking cameras where humans can’t go Amazon’s long-promised drone delivery service seems …

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How drones are changing our view of sharks

A quick Google search for “sharks” drums up a sampling of headlines of recent sightings. “Leopard Sharks Return to La Jolla Waters in Droves,” reads one, while another highlights a “cluster of juvenile great white sharks off Pacific Palisades coast.” There’s been a steady stream of these kinds of stories …

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Are new products on the way from DJI?

DJI has now discontinued a lot of their products so are they just thinning the heard or to more streamline the line or could this be a sign that new products will be on the way soon? Read more: DJI to shut its Causeway Bay flagship store as Hong Kong …

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